Daycares, Nursery School and Schools

The main focus of Mobile Zoo is and always will be conservation and education and having fun while doing it. Children do not always realise how much (applied) knowledge they gain as we create a unique opportunity to learn, to see, touch, feel and play!

What makes our visit really unique is that we allow children to handle most animals and that we insist on personal attention thus we would rather repeat a demo as many times needed without charging extra ensuring that everybody gets the time and attention they need.

Costing 2022: Monday to Friday

We normally ask R45 per child for a school n the Centurion area, with a minimum rate of R2000 per visit. Travelling beyond Pretoria may have additional travelling charges and are normally only done during April to August.

These rates are a guideline and negotiable as we do assist schools in disadvantaged areas and do numerous charities as well. Please contact us and let us see how we can help.

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